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A Place for Therapy

Petra’s Place is a wide-ranging therapy centre for children with autism and other co-occurring conditions. We use state of the art, scientific evidence-based approaches to help children with autism manage their anxiety, sensory and other issues to be happy and fulfil their potential.


A Place for Growth

We provide interventions and support that can make a real difference, before a child starts school. The aim is to help children become school-ready. All activities at Petra’s Place are overseen, approved by child development and medical experts and evaluated by researchers at the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University.


Our Funding Model

Whilst the therapy centre is set up and funded by the Petra Ecclestone Foundation our aim is for the majority of children at Petra’s Place to be referred and funded by their local authorities in the different London boroughs. We also accept a percentage of children at Petra’s Place paying privately. This model will allow the Foundation to set up further centres. Please contact info@petrasplace.co.uk for further information and indicate if you are local authority or privately funded.

Please continue to check our website for updates and/or to register your child.

An Invitation from Petra

Petra Ecclestone Foundation is organising a trip in 2020 to the South of France with all proceeds, after costs, going to help children with autism. Click here to download the official invitation and to learn more!

Happening Now

With all of the excitement of Christmas Eve and the big day upon us, we thought it may be useful to bring up the positive power of yoga and meditation to help keep children calm. It can also help them with the reduction of anxiety and stress in difficult situations. #yoga

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A Message from Our Founder

As a mother I know how important it is to have a happy child – it’s what I want for my own children and all children everywhere. I created Petra’s Place because I saw how little provision there was in London to help young children with autism who would benefit from early intervention, and I saw friends in America whose children got so much more support.

Every child, no matter what their learning challenges are, has the right to have the best intervention so they can fulfil their potential. Toddlerhood and early childhood are critical years for later development and it is just wrong to deprive children of the opportunities to grow and blossom.

My dream is to create a place that offers a range of fun, valuable evidence-based interventions for pre-school children with autism, all under one roof.

I created Petra’s Place to help families get the early support they need to grow and thrive and to help make the world a happier place for children with autism and their families.

With love,

Petra Ecclestone

Welcome to Petra’s Place

Thank you for your interest in Petra’s Place. Our Centre works tirelessly to educate and support the growth and development of pre-school children with autism and their families. Our aim is to maximise a child’s potential to create happy children and happy young families. To register your interest, fill in the form here. You can also contact us at info@petrasplace.co.uk. A member from our team will be in touch with you, and provide more information at the appropriate time.

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General Enquiries

Our email address to request information is reception@petrasplace.co.uk

You can also call us on 020 8150 8180

Working in conjunction with

Autism Research Centre - Cambridge University
Autism Research Trust
Paediatric Autism Communication Therapy